Become a SEP partner, build relationships with 11 Quebec institutions by joining them under a single convention.

Becoming a SEP partner means offering your students an opportunity to get familiar with another culture in addition to putting your institution in the international spotlight. Play the internationalization card by signing the BCI Convention which will allow your students to come study in one of Quebec’s institutions for up to one year while paying tuition and remaining enrolled at his or her home institution. By the same token, give Quebec students a chance, in return, to come immerse themselves in your academic environment!

The Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI) has reached student exchange agreements with over 450 institutions, or institution consortiums, in over 24 countries.

The Convention allows students enrolled in full-time studies at an academic institution to continue their studies in a university abroad for one term, but for no longer than an academic year, as part of a study program approved by the home institution. It offers participants the following advantages. They:

  • remain enrolled at their home institution;
  • pay their home institution’s regular tuition fees, rather than those charged at the host institution;
  • may use the credits obtained at the host institution to obtain their degree from the home institution; and if applicable, continue to receive the financial aid they’re entitled to as students enrolled at their home institution.
  • Institutions or institution associations wishing to join the BCI Convention — the Student Exchange Program (SEP) — must fill out the Membership Application form. The form is available from BCI will proceed to the evaluation of applications. The Convention’s five-year agreement comes into effect on the date of signature by both parties.


To find out how a membership application is processed when submitted by an academic institution or association of academic institutions under the BCI Convention, refer to the FAQ.