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Applicable for the academic year 2019-2020

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About ÉTS

General information for exchange students

List of programs offered to exchange students

Application deadline

  • April 1st for admission to Fall term (September 3 to December 19, 2019) or for the academic year 2019-2020.
  • October 1st for admission to Winter term (January 6 to April 22, 2020).

The partner universities have to nominate all the selected students before March 20th, 2019 (Fall and/or Winter terms).

Admission requirements

Please note that the ETS will not accept any students for the second and third rounds.

Candidates must be registred in an engineering program at their home institution.

Please note that for the academic year 2019-2020, we offer one exchange slot per semester per BCI partner institution unless it received more ETS students in 2018-2019 (do contact ETS for more information : international@etsmtl.ca).

Construction engineering course is not opened to exchange students for the academic year 2019-2020.

Courses are offered in French only. A proof of French proficiency is required, unless it is the applicant’s native language. An official language test is not mandatory : ÉTS accepts attestation letters from an appropriate person of the home institution, stating that the applicant has adequate French competency.

Exchange seats are limited; therefore, ÉTS may refuse some students once the quotas are reached in some departments or if the candidates’ academic results are weak.

Admission process

Home universities have to confirm candidates’ nomination (online nomination : url available on demand at international@etsmtl.ca), before you submit your application.

 Fill out the online application form for one of the following exchange programs :

  • 0469 – Programme court de premier cycle en génie pour étudiant en séjour d’études, for a one-term exchange
  • 4023 – Certificat de premier cycle en génie pour étudiant en séjour d’études, for 2 terms

You have to choose one of the following ÉTS departments : electrical engineering, software engineering, automated manufacturing engineering, information technology engineering, mechanical engineering, operations and logistics engineering. This determines the courses you can select.

You must upload scanned copies of the following documents when submitting your application online :

  • BCI student exchange program application form 
  • Official transcripts for current ongoing studies
  • Birth certificate 
  • Learning agreement (list of course units), signed by the authorized person in your home university

Exchange students are exempted from application fees and tuition fees. (compulsory insurance coverage fees may apply).

IMPORTANT – If you get selected and if you decide to cancel your admission, you must inform ETS as soon as possible, so we could offer it to other applicants on the waiting list. 

Course selection

The list of courses you would like to take has to be approved by your home university before applying. Once selected, ÉTS enrolls you in the courses, based on this same list.

Exchange students must enroll to a minimum of 12 ÉTS credits per term (full time registration), and a maximum of 15 credits.

Read carefully our website to know about course selection, particular restrictions for exchange students, and to check if the courses are offered at a particular term. 


Internship opportunities are available in ETS research labs. Applications are limited to the candidates that are eligible to International Experience Canada / International Coop. Internship mobility program. Read ETS website for more information.

General presentation


ÉTS is second in Canada for the number of undergraduate student degrees delivered per year and our engineering programs are specifically designed for students with a technical background. Our work-study education model makes our teaching approach unique. In addition, all our professors have industrial work experience, and every class includes laboratory or industrial applied work.

ÉTS is also renowned for its successful collaboration with the industry, which represents approximately 75% of our research activities. We offer challenging Master’s and PhD programs in several fields: aerospace and transportation, energy, environment and construction, healthcare technologies, industrial engineering, software engineering and information technology.

ÉTS also offers a dynamic environment conducive to extracurricular activities. Its 30 science and technology clubs have won international competitions in robot design, racing cars, submarines, solar, wind and amphibious vehicles, concrete canoes (yes, it floats), drones, etc. Other students are involved in international cooperation or sustainable development, and let’s not forget the INGénieuses, a group of female students passionate about science and technology…

On campus, you will benefit from our on-site student residences, grocery store, bank, pharmacy, pub, state-of-the art gym and close proximity to public transportation.

With nearly 11,000 students, world-class research infrastructures, and innovative new programs, ÉTS has developed vibrant industrial and international exchange programs/partnerships for you to choose from.

Welcome to Montréal… you have what it takes !


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