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Applicable for the academic year 2019-2020

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Information for incoming international exchange students

List of programs open to exchange students from outside of Quebec

Deadline to receive complete student exchange applications

  • March 31, 2019

IMPORTANT – Please note that Université de Sherbrooke will not accept any students on the third round.

Number of copies requested of the application file

  • One copy by regular mail (nothing by e-mail please)

General Presentation

Universite de Sherbrooke main campus is situated on the flank of “Mont-Bellevue” on 300 hectares of green space. The area offers all the advantages of the city life in a delightfully natural setting. It is a French-speaking institution with 8 faculties. Academic programs are innovative, and some are very unique in their method of teaching. The University offers a popular French as a Second Language program that gives students the opportunity to perfect the language through classes in oral and written French. Because of its leadership in sustainable development, promotion and development of fair trade practices, UdeS is the first francophone university in Canada to receive the national Fair Trade Campus designation from Fairtrade Canada. The Salle Maurice O’Bready Concert Hall located on-campus presents theater, comedy and concerts. The Sports Center also offers excellent facilities. Public transit is FREE for all UdeS students with student ID!

Student population

  • 40 000 students, of which 18 000 are studying on a full-time basis.

Language of study

  • French
    Students can participate in our intensive French as a second language programs and to our French Summer School through this exchange program (tuition free).

Microprogramme de 1er cycle en français langue seconde

French Summer School



  • 147 km from Montreal
  • 237 km from Quebec city
  • 55 km from the American border

Campus Map


School calendar




  • We reserve the right to refuse all incomplete application files without explanations.
  • As an exchange student, you do not need to complete the UdeS Admission Form online.
  • Students admitted to an exchange program cannot apply for work terms off campus.

The courses available to exchange students by trimester can be find on this page for most faculties. If not, use the Course directory (in french).

Number of credits required during the exchange program

  • Minimum of 12 credits per semester for undergraduate programs
  • Minimum of 9 credits per semester for graduate programs
  • 1 credit at UdeS = 15 class hours, 15 work hours, 15 study hours over a 15 week period

At the graduate level, the complexity of learning or the extent of the burden of personal work is normally greater than at the undergraduate level.

  • Undergraduate : 1 credit in Québec = 2 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
  • Graduate : it is more common to see 1 credit in Québec = 2.5 ECTS

It is best to indicate a complete list of courses (with replacement options) on the application form. Preferably, you should select your courses from one program or one faculty. Most faculties offer students the possibility to take one course outside their home faculty but, in such a case, students are responsible for the registration process once they are on campus.

Acceptance to a program does not guarantee access to selected courses. Circumstances may require that you select new courses upon your arrival on campus. If you are required to take a particular course, please check this link before leaving your home country.


Course Registration

Official registration generally takes place once on campus. Some faculties allow pre-selection by mail within six (6) weeks of the start of class.

Language Center

If you wish to take a language course, please see the placement test information. 



Medical Insurance

International students must purchase the health and hospitalization insurance provided on campus upon arrival.  Students with the citizenship of the following countries : Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Romania and Sweden, can get a waiver on presentation of the signed appropriate forms.

Physical or learning disabilities

Some remedial measures may be available during your studies. However, if the necessary accommodations generate fees, it is your responsibility to pay those fees.  It is therefore important to contact us before your arrival to see the possibilities and costs related to these services.

On-campus housing (limited)


Uni-logi (Off-campus housing)


Estudiantine (Off-campus housing)


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