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An Overview of the Institution

The Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) is a dynamic, open and creative French-language university with an international reputation based on quality of its programs, its cutting-edge research rooted in social concerns and creation, and its innovation in a wide range of disciplines. It is also known for the quality of its educational support, the accessibility and excellence of its teaching faculty and the vitality of its campus life.

Every year UQAM welcomes more than 38,000 students, including nearly 3,500 students from 96 countries. Over the years, UQAM has established over 825 agreements with 468 institutions in 68 countries.

Situated in the heart of Montreal, designated the world’s #1 student city in 20171, UQAM ranks 1st in Quebec and 6th in Canada in research funding for large comprehensive universities without a medical school2. Its innovative culture have helped establish UQAM’s reputation here and around the globe.

1QS Best Student Cities 2017
2Research Infosource, 2016

Student population : 38,883


Deadline for Applications

  • April 1, 2019
  • September 15, 2019 (Winter semester)

The postmark will not be considered. The students’ files have to be sent early enough to arrive at UQAM before deadline.

UQAM will not accept students in the second and third rounds for the 2018-2019 academic year.

There are no limitations regarding the number of applications that can be sent from each partner institution. The spots available for exchange students and admissions criteria are determined by each program of studies. Details can be found in the document Programs with Admission Requirements (Programmes d’études avec particularités d’admission).


Academic Calendar
Fall: September 3rd – December 18th 2019
Winter: January 6th – April 26th 2020

  • All exchange students must respect the beginning dates as indicated in the academic calendar 2019-2020.
  • Any students unable to attend the beginning of classes will be required to withdraw from their exchange program.
  • No exchange student is allowed to take courses during the summer semester.

Number of application copies

  • 3 copies (one original and two photocopies).

Documents to be attached to the application

For the complete list of required documents, please consult the International Relations Service website.



Students from non-French speaking universities are required to provide appropriate test results in French from a recognized organization. The minimum level accepted is Intermediate / Advanced or equivalent to B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The proof of language proficiency in French must have been issued in the last year.

Test results from the following organizations are accepted :

  • School of languages or French Department at your home university ;
  • TFI (test de français international) ;
  • TCF (test de connaissance du français) ;
  • DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) ;
  • DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française).

IMPORTANT : If a student cannot provide any of the above list, one will have to do the French test offered online at UQAM. Fees of 60.00 $ CAD will apply.





  • All candidates must fill the form Liste de cours projetés in order to submit a course selection at UQAM. This form must be approved by the exchange program coordinator at the home university;
  • Students must select their courses from only one program of studies and from only one level (Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate);
  • To facilitate research for courses, use the engine research by program code on the Registrar’s website;
  • Courses are grouped according to their program and can be found under the tab Cours à suivre et horaires;
  • It is recommended that you present a comprehensive selection of courses with your application (to permit alternatives). A successful admission in an exchange program does not guarantee access to all the courses you have selected. Certain courses may require prerequisites or may not be offered during your stay;
  • Scheduling information for fall courses are available in January and winter courses in July;
  • All courses identified as ateliers (workshop), stages (internships) or séminaires d’intégration are not offered to exchange students.
  • The majority of courses offered at UQAM are worth 3 credits. A three-credit course corresponds to forty-five (45) class hours over 15 weeks or 3 class hours per week;
  • For each course credit, you should calculate 45 hours of study outside of class hours;
  • All exchange students must be enroled in a full-time course load;
  • The number of credits (per semester) required to be a full-time student :
    • Undergraduate Studies (including certificates) : 12 to 15 credits (4 or 5 courses of 3 credits)
    • Graduate Studies : 6 to 9 credits (2 to 3 courses of 3 credits).


IMPORTANT – Students applying to courses from post-graduate programs must include a list of the titles and descriptions of the courses being taken in the present academic year with their applications.



IMPORTANT – Work and off-campus internships are not available for exchange students. All research supervision must be assumed by the student’s home university. Exchange students are not authorised to register for internship courses at UQAM.



  • Candidates will receive an official answer at their personal address after June 1st (November 1st for the Winter semester).
  • The Registrar at UQAM reserves the right to refuse any application that is incomplete or received after the April 1st deadline (September 15 for the Winter semester).
  • All decisions by the Registrar are final.



  • An admission at UQAM doesn’t guarantee a place in the on-campus dorms. For more information about on-campus dorms, students may contact them directly.
  • For more information on accommodation options.


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