Before you access the application form, please make sure that you have:

  • obtained an access code for the participation request form;
  • decided on the host institution(s) (up to three) to which you want to submit a request for participation;
  • made a note of your permanent code or your student identification number at your home institution;
  • identified the code or name of the program you’re currently completing.


Your application must then include the following items:

  • a copy of your participation request form bearing your signature;
  • a copy of your personal civil status form or a copy of any other official identification document;
  • a copy of the transcript indicating the courses you’ve completed and the list of courses you’re currently registered for at your institution;
  • a letter, written in the host institution’s language of instruction, presenting the academic goals you’re looking to achieve by participating in the SEP;
  • the list of courses (course number and title) you intend to take. This list must be compiled for each of your selected host institutions;
  • written approval of the list of courses you intend to take from the dean, the director of studies or the appropriate body at your home institution. This list must be approved for each of your chosen host institutions;
  • a personal letter of recommendation from the dean, the director of studies or the appropriate body at your home institution;
  • proof of your proficiency in the language of instruction at the host institution (letter from the dean, the director of studies or the appropriate body, your placement test results, etc.) unless the study program you plan to complete centers on the study of this language.

Host institutions may require other documents. For example, many require that their own participation request form also be filled out. Most institutions hope to receive an electronic (PDF) version of your application file and it must be submitted to them by the person in charge of the SEP at your home institution. He’ll be able to provide any assistance necessary. You’ll find detailed information in the section called Specific conditions for Quebec institutions .