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Driven by a deep-seated culture of sustainable development, Université Laval educates students to be engaged and creative and become model citizens, scientists, and business leaders who have an important impact on the direction that society takes. As a leading French-language institution with a strong international focus, Université Laval strives for excellence in education and research. It seeks to be both an example and a source of inspiration for its partners by mustering the forces of change in Québec City’s thriving university community.


Périn, Amélie Responsable de la mobilité entrante (étudiants hors Québec)

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T (418) 656-2131 #413084
E. etudiantsentrants@bi.ulaval.ca
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List of programs offered to exchange students

Applicable for the academic year 2022-2023

  1. Please note that Université Laval will only accept BCI student applications that indicate Laval as the first choice institution and that no diplomas will be issued to BCI exchange students.
  2. Please email us the following information : name, email, chosen program of study and intended semester no later than March 1st, 2022 at: etudiantsentrants@bi.ulaval.ca
  3. Once we receive this information, we will verify if it is consistent to our agreement (maximum 6) and if the selected programs are available. Partner institutions cannot nominate students for a study program if a bilateral agreement already exists for this program. These applications will not be accepted.
  4. An online form will be sent to the nominated students with his institution in copy. They will have seven days to complete it and will have to attach a copy of the BCI participation request form bearing the student signature, a copy of all the transcripts indicating the courses completed, a cover letter in French, a recommendation letter from their home institution.
  5. The French level of your candidates must be at least 750 TFI, DELF B2 (DELF C1 for business administration) except for the business administration (English program), the English literature and linguistic program and the French as a foreign language program. A French test result must be attached to the application for candidates who are not already studying in French and who have a mother tongue other than French.
  6. The admission of your students is part of a study program in which they will take the majority of their courses. The applications are submitted to the Faculties, who analyse and decide the student’s admittance. Selected candidates receive a letter of admission and unsuccessful candidates receive an e-mail of refusal. Their file will then be transferred to there following selected university.
  7. Université Laval health insurance is mandatory, so it supersedes all other personal insurance plan. Some international students may be exempt from the Université Laval health insurance plan. Click here for full details
  8. It is possible to stay in a university residence on campus. A limited number of rooms are reserved for exchange students. Nominated candidates will receive a specific booking form for exchange students when we will send them the link to fill the online Student Exchange application form. It is recommended to wait the confirmation of admission prior to booking their room.
  9. Immigration procedures can be lengthy, it is important that your students start them upon receipt of the letter of admission. For more information
  10. In order to allow your students to begin their studies calmly, it is strongly recommended that they arrive within one week before the start of their study session in order to submit their legal documents to the Registrar’s Office and proceed with their registration. They will not be able to participate in the BCI exchange if they arrive after the end of the registration period.


Université Laval will only accept BCI student applications nominated by their institution and that indicate Université Laval as the first choice institution.


Programs offered to exchange students

The candidate must identify only one program of studies from the List of programs offered to exchange students

Whatever the chosen program of study, places will be limited, especially in the Baccalauréat en architectureBaccalauréat en communication publique (Public Communication), Baccalauréat en traduction (an aptitude test can be required) and Maîtrise en aménagement du territoire et développement régional (Land-use Planning and Regional Development).


Minimum grade-point average

For their application to be considered, students must have a minimum grade-point average of B -. As for institutions where the evaluation is on a scale of 20, the minimum required GPA is 11/20 (except for Science and Engineering and Business administration, see below).


Specific requirements for certain programs



In order to be admitted in the Master of law program, students must have a minimum grade-point average of B. For institutions where the evaluation is on a scale of 20, the minimum required GPA is 12/20.



The Baccalauréat en enseignement de l’éducation physique et à la santé accepts files for two semesters only, starting at Fall.


Science and engineering:

To apply to a program of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, students must have a minimum grade-point average of B. For institutions where the evaluation is on a scale of 20, the minimum required GPA is 12/20.

Laboratory courses are not offered to exchange students in the Baccalauréat en chimie.


Business Administration:

Please refer to the admission requirements based on your educational background and country of origin by clicking on the link provided below.

** Please ignore the sections concerning academic domains, specific requirements as well as the preparatory year and coursework as well as the Language requirements for the Master level **

UNDERGRADUATE (website in French only, contact international@fsa.ulaval.ca for support)

 At least 13 years of schooling are required to be eligible.

MASTER’S (English version is at the bottom of the Webpage)

Documents required for both the undergraduate and master’s levels

In order for your file to be analyzed, you must provide legible copies of your baccalaureate exam transcripts (secondary school diploma), all of your university transcripts (including preparatory coursework, if applicable) and official attestations of your diplomas. Incomplete files will not be processed.


Visual Arts and Architecture:

Portfolio is mandatory. (digital for visual Arts)



Laptop is mandatory for this program.



BCI exchange students need to have a musical formation. They are not eligible to musical instrument courses.

The students have to submit their audition to the following site.



The Master of Public Health does not accept a file for the winter semester only.

Language requirements

French language test results mandatory:

Candidates who are not already studying in French and who have a mother tongue other than French will be required to submit French-language test results before further analysis of their application. The students must have a minimum of 750 to the TFI or a Delf B2 level ( Delf C1 for the French Business administration program) . The only exception will be for students wishing to enroll in French-language courses (FLE) or in an English-speaking program as Business administration, English literatures and linguistics or teaching English.


English language test results:

Non-English-speaking students will be required to submit English language placement test results (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS) for admission in English-taught programs in English Literature and Linguistics and Teaching English ( level required TOEFL ITP 550) as a second language, otherwise their application will not be accepted.



No diplomas of Université Laval will be issued to BCI exchange students.


Course selection

Students must choose the majority of their courses in the program of study that they selected in the scroll-down menu of the BCI electronic form. The list of courses chosen by the students is indicative. Access to these courses will depend on their availability at the moment of registration once the student has arrived and on the prerequisites. Please note that no pre-registration is possible.

Students must be registered full-time for a maximum of two semesters. Some program coordinators may favor two-semester applications. Full-time registration is equivalent to 12 credits per semester or 180 class hours and 360 hours of personal work.

Academic Calendar

  • Fall semester 2022: September 6 to December 23, 2022 (including the week of exams) – Semester break : October 31 to November 4, 2022.
  • Winter Semester 2023: January 9 to April 30, 2023 (including the week of exams) – Semester break : March 6 to March 10, 2023.

Students must arrive for the first day of courses and be present to do their registration the week before the start of the semester, particularly if they wish to register in language courses at the School of languages (placement tests take place before the end of the Registration period -please refer to the « Language courses » section).


BCI exchange students are not eligible to internships.


A limited number of rooms are reserved for exchange students. Students admitted will receive a special reservation form with their admission letter. We recommend that they wait to receive confirmation of their admission prior to booking their room.

Language courses

Laval cannot guarantee registration in language courses (other than French-language courses) because of limited access.