Studying abroad

Ready to explore a whole new culture, to see how foreign students live and learn, and to meet fascinating people from all over the world? Open up your opportunities and discover an even brighter future for you!

Conditions for Participation


Be enrolled in one of the QSEP’s partner institutions

Year Completed

Have completed at least one year of full-time studies in your program

Excellent Record

Have an excellent academic record

Study Program

Find a study program that matches your current study program

Language proficiency

Be fluent in the language of instruction spoken at your host institution

Open Program

Check if your current degree program allows you to participate

A simple four-step process


Selecting my host institution

As part of the Quebec Student Exchange Program, your first choice will be honored if possible. Please note, however, that an applicant’s first choice is not guaranteed: its approval will depend on the number of applications received and the number of places available at the institution in question.


Finding the person in charge

In order to get your university exchange project and your host institution selection approved, contact the person in charge of the Quebec Student Exchange Program at your university.


Preparing my application

Make sure you have everything you need to submit your application.

Host institutions may require other documents. For example, many require that their own participation request form also be filled out.

The person in charge of the QSEP at your home institution will be able to provide any assistance necessary. Do not hesitate to refer to her or him.

Before accessing the application form, please make sure you have:

  • obtained a valid access code for the form;
  • determined which host institution(s) (up to 3) you wish to apply to;
  • written down your permanent code and student identification number from your home institution;
  • written down the code or the name of your current program.

Your application must include the following documentation:

  • a signed copy of your digital application form;
  • a letter, in the language of your host institution, outlining the educational objectives you want to achieve by participating in the Quebec Student Exchange Program. This letter should be written in the main language used by the host institution;
  • the list of courses (acronym and title) that you plan to follow at each of the host institutions;
  • a certificate of proficiency regarding the main language used by the host institution (e.g. letter from the Dean, the Chief Academic Officer or an official body of your home institution; results from a placement test, etc.), unless the program focuses on the study of this language;
  • Any other documents requested by the home and host institution (please check with your home institution advisor).

Submitting my participation request form

Once your application file is complete and your form is filled out, submit them *to the person in charge of your QSEP, who will forward them to the institution you’ve identified as your first choice.

* Look into the required submission format with the person in charge at your home institution.

**Please note that due to printing problems of online forms with Mozilla Firefox version 57 and up, we invite you to use another browser (Chrome, Edge, etc.).

Warning: make sure you submit an application that’s complete. Otherwise, your file won’t be processed.

Before You Go

Your application has been authorized; what comes next? Read the FAQ to know what else you need to do before you are set to go.


Immigration procedure

Make sure you have all the documentation you require for your studies and your stay.

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Financial Assistance

Discover the various scholarships available to you.

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Health coverage

You should get health insurance for your trip abroad.

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